Worldwide marriage agents: can money purchase you adore?

What sort of guy would work with a ‘marriage broker’ to locate love? And what type of females await them? Will Storr travelled to Colombia to learn.

Nearly instantly, we don’t understand what to state. We came across my motorist, Juan Carlos, of a full moment ago. He switched the ignition, hit the wheel that is driving a businesslike fashion and announced, “So! You’ve got come right right here for females.”

“Yes,” we offer, sooner or later.

Even as we come out of this airport car-park in Colombia’s second town, Medellin, we glance away from my screen and pondering, for an immediate, the likelihood of simply leaping appropriate from it.

It was known by me will be similar to this.

Juan’s in the very early 40s. He wears stonewashed jeans, a dirty t-shirt that claims ‘NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST’ and it has the pallor and stomach of a person whom threw in the towel on himself at the least ten years ago. He’s taking me personally towards the head office of their bride-finding agency. Neither Juan nor the agency know that I’m right right here as a journalist, searching for exactly exactly what attracts lots and lots of males from around the planet to meet up wives that are potential. Through the United States, from Britain and European countries and Australia they arrive, to socialise with females they’ve preselected from an on-line catalogue in the hope it’ll all end in… what? Love? Friendship? Sex? Comfort? Someone, anybody, whom might provide a smile that is honest they wake each day?

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“Do you have got ladies in England?” asks Juan.

“Yes,” we answer. “We have actually ladies.”

We’re driving up a winding, vegetation-lined road that leads up a mountain, the other part of which, simmering underneath the South United states sunlight in a huge normal amphitheatre, lies the town Juan’s companies relate to merely as “paradise”. Continua a leggere Worldwide marriage agents: can money purchase you adore?