Zyprexa anxiety disorder

Brand names for olanzapine include zyprexa, and zyprexa zydis.

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Overdose symptoms may include drowsinessagitationaggressionslurred speechconfusionincreased heart ratejerky or uncontrolled muscle movementstrouble breathingor fainting.

Patients should be advised of the risk of orthostatic hypotensionespecially during the period of initial dose titration and in association with the use of concomitant drugs that may potentiate the orthostatic effect of Zyprexae.gdiazepam or alcoholsee Warnings and Precautions5.7and Drug Interactions7Patients should be advised to change positions carefully to help prevent orthostatic hypotensionand to lie down if they feel dizzy or faintuntil they feel betterPatients should be advised to call their doctor if they experience any of the following signs and symptoms associated with orthostatic hypotensiondizzinessfast or slow heartbeator fainting.

The symptoms of bipolar I disordertreatment resistant depressionor schizophrenia may include thoughts of suicide or of hurting yourself or othersIf you have these thoughts at any timetell your doctor or go to an emergency room right away.

The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatmentTo reduce your risk of side effectsyour doctor may direct you to start this medication at a low dose and gradually increase your doseFollow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

Because Zyprexa has the potential to impair judgmentthinkingor motor skillspatients should be cautioned about operating hazardous machineryincluding automobilesuntil they are reasonably certain that Zyprexa therapy does not affect them adverselysee Warnings and Precautions5.12

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